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Global Enabler of Digital Transformation

Reimagine and Reinvent

Sysdatatek is a global enabler of digital transformation across many industries that helps them reimagine and reinvent their specifications to match the right choices across the Globe.

Consulting Strategies

We can help you move your business forward through Enterprise Consulting Strategies, Automation and Digitalised operations that go beyond your regular results.

Digital Transformation

Since 2004, we have made tremendous progress by opening offices on three continents; North America, Asia, and Europe, helping you implement the latest technologies to drive business growth.

Our Story

Tech-Driven Digital Environment

We opened our doors in 2004, hoping to bring some sparkle to how IT consulting services are delivered.

So far, we have been working hand in hand with businesses to simplify how they connect with their workforce, as well as help them utilise their available resources to meet their objectives.

Our services improves your software architecture, operations and form a tech-driven digital environment.
We look to help you implement the latest technologies that will drive your business growth.

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Our Services

We offer services in Tableau, ServiceNow and Consulting that improve your Software Architecture, Operations and help form a Tech-driven digital Environment.

Data analytics and Virtualization

Sysdatatek has transitioned from a regular service provided to a digitally transformed business, offering a wide range of data resource services. With a major focus on using Tableau, we analyse and virtualise data for firms.


IT Service and Operations Management

With over 8 year’s experience in Information Technology Service Management, we deliver a wide range of Customer, Service and Operations Management consulting services with a primary focus on using ServiceNow tool as a platform that is perfect for digitizing business, also custom-built for your needs.


Enterprise Consulting Strategies

It’s very important in today’s competitive world to ensure your business uses the right platform, and deliver high-quality products and services and doing this can be tough. You also need to implement new technologies.


Technology Partners

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft PowerBI